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Soft and Warm (DRABBLE CHALLENGE 254: Cotton)

Title: Soft and Warm
Author: baekhuh
Concrit? sure
Changmin / Yoochun, 228 words, G (fluff)
AN: I used to be chromeheart/kiibou.
AN2: Missed writing dbsk so I thought I would give this a try again.

Yoochun curls up against Changmin on their shared bed, long dainty fingers coiling around the soft cotton of the loose sweater the larger man is wearing, as Changmin moves the arm Yoochun is using as a pillow. In turn Yoochun to press his face into Changmin’s neck and takes a deep breath, taking in the musky sent that can only be Changmin and the warmth that radiates off the other. Changmin presses his lips to Yoochun's temple, enjoying these rare quiet moments they have in bed.

Humming under his breath, Yoochun shifts even closer, throwing a leg over Changmin’s hips as his fingers start ghosting under the soft fabric to brush against the warm skin hiding underneath.

“What are you doing?” Changmin laughs as Yoochun presses his palm to Changmin’s stomach and sits up and straddles Changmin’s lap. Looking up at the sleepily content look on Yoochun's face, Changmin smiles fondly as he reaches up and pulls Yoochun to his chest again.

Letting out a content sigh, Yoochun folds himself under Changmin’s chin and nuzzles into his chest, enjoying to feel of the softness against his cheek and sighs once more.

“You’re so soft,” Yoochun whines, tilting his head enough to press his lips to Changmin’s throat.

Changmin grins and rests his open palm against the small of Yoochun’s back as Yoochun lets out another purr of contentment.

Tags: a: baekhuh, c: cotton
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