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Full Moon (Flashfic Challenge 260: Awakening)

Title: Full Moon
Author: twhitesakura
Genre: Drama
Word-count: 260
Rating: G
Summary: AU. Changmin meets a stranger during a full moon.

Changmin whets his lips underneath a skeletal tree as the clouds depart and the moon’s full light falls on him. The hairs on his arms rise. Goosebumps prickle over his neck and then spread downward. He shivers as a thrum in the base of his spine congeals; his tail emerges. He howls and rears. By the time he lands back on the ground, it is on four paws instead of two legs. Joy rides with the wind. The air crackles with magic.

From far off, another wolf realizes his presence and yips excitedly.

Changmin leaps over the fallen tombstones of the old graveyard, scattering leaf litter to crest a nearby hill on which he can see the stranger. He is long and lean, with a scar above one of his eyes. As Changmin approaches, he pads back and forth nervously, only stilling when they meet nose to nose.

I am Yunho. The stranger mind-speaks.

I am Changmin, the third of his name, Keeper of the western forests. Changmin says in return. You are welcome to my den and to my lands, friend.

Although it must have taken days for Yunho to travel this far inland, he still smells of salt and the sea voyage he must have taken to the continent.

Changmin breathes him in, finding the musk of werewolf underneath the brine. It is warm and comforting and smells like pack.

Yunho noses the corner of his mouth in a gesture of submission and Changmin licks him in return; after fifty years, he is no longer a lone wolf.
Tags: a: twhitesakura, c: awakening
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