[Mod] new mod & community future

Hello everyone, nice to meet you! I am the new mod for the comm. I am totally new at this but I don't want this community to be forgotten, so I'll give it a try.

That aside, I have noticed that everyone in lj is freaking out over the fact that lj's servers are now in Russia and their LGBT policy isn't too friendly. For now it has only been a rumor, there are no cases of deleted journals or entries over this. But is better be safe than sorry.

So I am thinking of importing the comm over to Dreamwidth for now (apparently is easier, if anyone has already tried this and can enlighten me, I would be thankful). Just to have a back up of the existing community.

I am actually considering to make a twitter account to post prompts weekly, so people can answer them here. but maybe tumblr is a better choice (?) I am not sure over this, but the fandom seems more active over those two platforms so I want to give it a try to maybe bring the comm back to life.

any thoughts, or suggestions are welcome :)
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[Mod] Still here, still seeking a new moderator

I'm no longer active on LiveJournal for personal reason. I won't be around, but I'm not deleting my account because that would orphan the community. If the comm is to be active again, there should be a new moderator. Right now, I don't post challenges because we ran out of prompts. I think there's more fiction activity happening in other comms, on Tumblr, or on other sites these days.

This has been a great community and I've had so much fun here! There are great stories here, and it's been a wonderful, positive experience. ♥ ♥ ♥ I would be thrilled if someone wanted to take over as moderator and revive things. But if not, that's okay - the comm and its history will still be here, at least for now.

My personal journal settings are locked, so I may not be able to get messages. I've set the comments on this post to be screened and I'll get an email if anyone comments. If you're reading this today - or months from now - and want to be a moderator, leave a comment.